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  • Dewdrop Toner Review Greetings,I'm acelly brand merchandiser here with employee review on the Dewdrop Toner.I have always used mild toners in the past.Personally I have found in general that toners with low molecular hyaluronic acid leave make my skin very dry feeling very tight tight on the skin. On the other hand high molecular hyaluronic acid toners less drying and formed moisturizing coating film on the surface of my skin. So I always end up trying to avoid any skincare that feels too thick and have sticky residues.After trying out Acelly Dewdrop Toner as the brand merchandiser, I was surprised at how it did not feel heavy or sticky but also it wasn't drying and tightening my skin surface at all.My skin felt very hydrating at the same time dewy but not sticky. It really has that perfect balance of low and high molecular hyaluronic acid balance.The product looks small in the picture but it's a 250ml product that isn't too small at all :) acelly
  • Brightening Essence Cream Review Hello I am acelly brand merchandiser back with the 2nd employee review for the Brightening Essence Cream.Brightening Essence Cream is a very light product that acts like a cream but feels like an essence.It's almost like a product between an essence and a cream.The cream absorbs into the skin very quickly.It has zero stickiness factor that I think would be good and would recommend to people with very sensitive skin or even for break out prone skin types.Our brand product planner also loves this product over other creams and says it's not given her a single break out since using the product even when her aunt rose visits *hint hint ;)So maybe for those of you who are tired of break outs during those sensitive periods, you would like to try this product out!It may be due to this product's antipollution-care properties that helps prevent fine dust and air pollution throughout the day.And it also has RED SNOW patented properties to help with pore care and sebum control that would be a good product to use for sensitive skins during the hot summer seasons. acelly
  • Cell Radiance Cream Review Welcome back to my 3rd employee review for Cell Radiance Cream.This product excites me the most! As this product has become one of my favorites so fast and now I never skip this product in my routine that I really hope acelly becomes a successful brand and continues this product for a long time.When I first opened this jar, my first impression was that it looked like cream cheese diluted with water.HOWEVERIt felt really different when I applied it on my skin.As I started rubbing it into my skin, the cream like product transformed into very moisturizing water particles and you can literally feel it as you keep rubbing it into your skin.It also quickly absorbs into skin, leaving your skin glowing of moisture.It's rich cream texture is not to be misunderstood to being heavy or sticky at all.It's really one of those products I want to keep just for myself, however my job does not allow me to do that unfortunately.One more feature of this cream is that when you go to wash your face the next morning of applying this cream, you don't feel that slippery feeling from the product residue on the skin that didn't get absorbed! Meaning most if not all the product gets absorbed into your skin either right away or while you sleep, I can't be sure but I love the feeling of washing my natural skin every morning.This product is extra moisturizing if applied after the Brightening Essence Cream for the extra dry seasons.One last note before I finish, my mother also loves this product :) acelly
  • Hydrating Glow Oil Balm Review Hydrating Glow Oil Balm is acelly's very special product (VSP)This product has been quite the rave, even to it's design of transparency look.I've use a few stick formulas such as deodorants and sun-sticks. I have to say that some were quite disappointing because of their textures.But this Hydrating Glow Oil Balm gave me a different impression.First of all, it applies very smoothly. It seems to turn into moisturizing oil on contact.It's a very good product for on the go. Especially around your eyes and mouth.It gives a very radiant natural glow finish.I personally don't like to use product on both the face and body, so I use this product on particularly dry areas such as my elbows and my extra dry legs. acelly
  • Brilliance Hydrogel Facial Mask Review This product makes me tremble every time I open a sheet.In the truest and most honest opinion, it is on the the pricier side even for the brand merchandiser myself.But I will still gladly use it and I will tell you why.I loved package design and its matte texture that i wanted to keep it as is and not open it.And when you open the packaging you'll find two part hydrogel sheets that adheres to your skin like magnet.It's transparent and shiny gel texture makes my face look nice and shiny when I put them on around the house :)It's directed on the packaging to leave the mask on for about 20minutes but I leave it on for longer because I want my face to totally absorb all it's concentrated formula into my skin! I know I am overreacting but it doesn't dry out even if I leave it on longer anyways.What I really like about this facial mask is that, unlike other facial mask sheets, when I put this on my face the liquid formula doesn't run down my face.After I take it off, I can really notice that my face has gotten clearer and brighter!It's definately a product that I would buy as a gift for friends and family too! acelly

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